FAQ: How To Play Gaige?


Can you play as Gaige in Borderlands 2?

Gaige is the playable Mechromancer class character, and the fifth playable class overall in Borderlands 2, first revealed at PAX East 2012. Those who pre-ordered Borderlands 2 received the character free of charge. Her skill grants her the ability to control the D374-TP, or Deathtrap.

What is the best skill tree for Gaige?

Best skill tree for Gaige? Anarchy is very good but hard to get used to. If you’re a compulsive reloader, rebind your manual reload key to a key you never use.

Can you play as Gaige in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands fans will recognise Gaige from Borderlands 2. Gaige was added to the game post-launch and is the fifth playable class; Mechromancer. However, since she’s not playable in Borderlands 3, not its DLC, both Gaige and Deathtrap will instead operate as quest givers.

Is Gaige good bl2?

Yes, Gaige is good. Really fun to play also.

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Why is Gaige missing an arm?

After Gaige was inspired to amputate her left arm with a particle saw and replaced it with a robotic one she built, Marcie apparently stole Gaige’s DT designs and sold them to Eden-5’s corrupt police force. Marcie then shoved Gaige, causing Deathtrap to identify her as a hostile.

How old is Moze?

Moze, The Gunner As a young adult on her last military mission, she saw her entire squad being wiped out. It affected her severely. Age: Mid-20s. Identifies: As female.

How old is Gaige the Mechromancer?

Age: Gaige is supposedly 18.

What weapons are best for mechromancer?

I highly recommend a Storm sniper rifle for her as because she can be very deadly with it. Fibber is really good, you could try a conference call aswell. Slagga, ricochet fibber, conference call, twister. I dont play gaige but most people seem to suggest weapons that just put out a ton of bullets.

What is the best mechromancer build?

Borderlands 2: The 10 Best Builds For Gaige The Mechromancer,

  • 3 Discordant Daredevil.
  • 4 Spray And Pray.
  • 5 Numbers, Numbers, Math Math Math.
  • 6 Lightning Reflexes.
  • 7 The Best Offense Is A Good Defense.
  • 8 Elemental Allies.
  • 9 Anarchy Forever!
  • 10 The AFK Build.

Is Gaige in love with Deathtrap?

Every relationship gets tested in this Borderlands 3 DLC, as either way, it’s clear that Gaige and Deathtrap share a love, however platonic, that doesn’t typically get captured in a video game.

How tall is Krieg?

Height: 6’2.

Is Krieg a playable character on Borderlands 3?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, Krieg is not a playable character in Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, so fans won’t get to hear his random quips, or take a crack at enemies with his saw.

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Is Krieg fun to play?

Krieg is a melee/grenade beast. If you want, I can make some footage of why he’s awesome. He’s a bit hard and boring until level 31, I agree with that. Once you can get Release the Beast, he’s one of the most fun vault hunters in the whole series.

What is the most OP class in Borderlands 2?

Ranked: The 10 Most Powerful Skills In Borderlands 2

  • 8 8. Grit – Axton.
  • 7 7. Cloud Kill – Maya.
  • 6 6. Keep Firing – Salvador.
  • 5 5. Anarchy – Gaige.
  • 4 4. Bore – Zero.
  • 3 3. Release The Beast – Krieg.
  • 2 2. Money Shot – Salvador.
  • 1 1. Bloodsplosion – Krieg.

What is the best solo character in Borderlands 2?

Best Character For Solo Play in Borderlands 2

  • Maya the Siren: If the player focuses on leveling up the proper skill trees, Maya can be nearly impossible to beat for both normal enemies and giant bosses.
  • Axton the Commando: One of the more generic first-person shooter characters.

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