Often asked: How To Refund A Google Play Purchase?


How do I get a refund for an in app purchase on Google Play?

Explore refund request options

  1. On your computer, go to play. google.com/store/account.
  2. Click Order History.
  3. Find the order you want to return.
  4. Select Request a refund or Report a problem and choose the option that describes your situation.
  5. Complete the form and note that you’d like a refund.

How do I reverse a purchase on Google Play?

First, open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet and navigate to the app or game you purchased. As long as you’re still in that two-hour window, you’ll see a “Refund” button. Tap it. A message will ask if you’re sure that you want to refund the purchase and uninstall the app.

Can I cancel a Google Play purchase?

Visit Your Apps. Select the app you wish to cancel. On the details page, click Cancel purchase. (Note: You have 30 minutes from the time of subscription to cancel your purchase and get an automatic refund from Google – If you don’t see this option, your 30-minute window has expired)

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How many times can I refund on Google Play?

User returns a paid app: After purchasing a paid app, a user has up to 2 hours to return it for a full refund. They can only return an app once. If they purchase the same app again, they won’t be able to return it a second time.

Can I get my money back from an in app purchase?

Some purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or other Apple services might be eligible for a refund. You can use any device with a web browser to request a refund.

Can’t use Google Play balance for in app purchases?

How to Fix – Google Play Balance not showing in payment methods

  1. Clear the data and cache of your Google Play. Device settings>> Apps or Application manager>> Play store>> Storage>> Clear cache and data.
  2. Go to your Payment Profile.
  3. Click the down arrow, change the Payment profile.
  4. Generally it take 24 hours to get updated.

How do you cancel a payment on Google Play?

  1. Open the Play Store app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines), Account > Subscriptions.
  3. Find the relevant subscription in your list, and then tap Cancel.

How do you ask for a refund politely?

Tips for writing a sample letter for requesting a refund

  1. Refer to the goods or services you are requesting a refund.
  2. Give a sincere reason why you are requesting a refund.
  3. Be precise about the amount you wish to be refunded.
  4. Mention details of the transaction such as dates and place of delivery.

How do I cancel an in app purchase?

Make sure you are signed in to the Google account used in purchasing the app. Tap the Menu icon, then tap Subscriptions. Select the subscription that you want to cancel. Tap Cancel subscription.

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What if I accidentally purchased an app?

But if the app was purchased by mistake, you may be able to get your money back. For Android devices: Google Play has a generous policy: Uninstall an app within 15 minutes of buying it and you automatically receive a refund.

Does Google pay refund failed transaction?

Merchants registered with Google Pay handle refunds and failed transactions. Google Pay itself does not initiate a refund. Rather, a business with which your transaction took place, processes the refund. For this, you need to contact the business and provide them with a few details related to the transactions.

How many times can you refund in app purchases?

1 Answer. Note: You can only return an app or game for a refund once. If you buy it again you will not be able to get a refund.

How do I get a refund from Google Play payment failed?

For a failed transaction, the amount should be credited to your account within 3-5 business days depending on the bank. If that doesn’t happen, you can report the transaction using this link: goo.gle/2zd8M9t. Keep us posted.

How do I get a refund on Freefire?

To submit a request for a refund for the wrong amount of diamonds purchased, you will need to provide the following:

  1. Player ID:
  2. In-game Name:
  3. Region:
  4. Screenshot of your Payment receipt:

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