Quick Answer: How To Play Maiev?


How do you play maiev in battleground?

Maiev Shadowsong’s unique leveling curve

  1. Buy a minion.
  2. Buy the best minion (or a pair), and Imprison the second best option.
  3. On turn three, we have access to a total of five gold.
  4. On turn four things become complicated.
  5. By now we either have one or more pair, or a triple prepared.
  6. On turn six we have two options.

How do you get maiev in shadowsong hero?

Just win 10 games of Hearthstone in Standard Ranked or Casual mode after the next expansion officially launches to acquire her.

What happened to maiev shadowsong?

Following Illidan’s death, Maiev returned home, but her sense of duty brought her into conflict with even the highest levels of night elf society. Despite this tension, Maiev remains dedicated to protecting the world and her people.

Maiev Shadowsong
Class Warden, Priestess (former)
Reaction Alliance Horde Alliance Horde


Who set Illidan free?

Ten thousand years after Illidan was imprisoned, Tyrande freed him so he could help fight the Scourge. Malfurion and Illidan’s keeper, Maiev Shadowsong, opposed this decision and vowed to track down Illidan.

What class are wardens wow?

Wardens serve as a kind of law enforcement for several races in Azeroth. They keep members of their race in line, or are employed as guards, assassins, and bounty hunters. The most famous wardens are the wardens among the night elves; the Warcraft III unit and RPG prestige class.

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Why is maiev obsessed with Illidan?

Maiev is loyal to her comrades and determined to ensure they come to no harm. Her fury at Illidan was originally motivated by her disapproval of his actions with Azshara and the fact that he nearly killed Jarod. Later, she is driven to blind hatred after his murder of Naisha and the other Watchers.

How did guldan die?

He was still deep within the Guardian’s thoughts when Lothar and Khadgar killed him, ending Medivh’s treachery and forcing Gul’dan into a coma. Garona, still under mind control of the Shadow Council, then assassinated King Llane in the name of Gul’dan, cutting his heart out.

How did Kil jaeden die?

Kil ‘ jaeden spoke to Gul’dan telepathically and told him to reopen the Tomb of Sargeras to facilitate the Burning Legion invading Azeroth once again but he was killed by Stormrage.

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