FAQ: How To Play Flac Files On Windows?


Can Windows music player play FLAC?

Both VLC Windows App and VLC Store App support FLAC formats and work flawlessly with them. Apart from that VLC offers a variety of customizations and has a good open source community. VLC is completely open-source and available for free to download.

Can a PC play FLAC files?

Windows and Mac: If you’re a Windows 10 user, you can play FLAC files natively in the operating system. For older Windows versions, there is a Windows Media Player plug-in, but the players most recommended by audiophiles are Roon, Media Monkey and JRiver.

How can I play FLAC files on my laptop?

Playing FLAC files requires you to install a software or filter that supports the FLAC compression format. Play FLAC files in Windows Media Player using a Directshow filter.

  1. Download the DirectShow filter.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file after it has finished downloading to run the installation wizard.

Can Windows 10 play FLAC files?

Did you know that the built-in Groove Music app can play FLAC files? Until recently, I didn’t. The very fact it’s there in every install of Windows 10 means it’s an excellent, free way to listen to your tracks.

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What is the best FLAC player for PC?

Part 1. 5 Best Flac Players for Windows

  • #1. KMPlayer. KMPlayer is the best audio player for Windows 10 supporting Flac and other audio files playback.
  • #2. Pot Player.
  • #3. GOM Player.
  • #4. RealPlayer.
  • #5. MusicBee.
  • #6. VLC Media Player.
  • #7. iTunes.
  • #8. VOX Player.

Is Windows Media Player good for FLAC?

As for FLAC audio on Windows Media Player, you will need a codec to play them. By far the easiest thing to do is go to Ninite and choose the K-Lite Codecs option. This will install K-Lite in the bare minimum configuration and should add FLAC support to Windows Media Player.

Are FLAC files worth it?

FLAC files aren’t always appropriate or worth it, since they require so much storage space. If you’re working out, a regular MP3 will be just fine.

Is WAV better than FLAC?

WAV files are uncompressed, which is great for audio-editing. However, WAV files also take a lot of space. FLAC files are compressed, so they take less space than WAV and are better suited for storing music. Lossless audio formats such as FLAC, WAV, or AIFF provide the best sound quality.

Is FLAC the best audio format?

FLAC: The Free Lossless Audio Codec ( FLAC ) is the most popular lossless format, making it a good choice if you want to store your music in lossless. However, it’s still a lossless format, which means the audio quality is still the same as the original source, so it’s much better for listening than WAV and AIFF.

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What software opens FLAC files?

How do I open an FLAC file? PC users can play FLAC files in a number of popular open -source media players, including VLC media player (cross-platform) and MPlayer (cross-platform). iOS and Android users can play FLAC files in VLC for iOS and VLC for Android, respectively.

How do I listen to FLAC files?

To listen to FLAC files on an iPhone or Android, install the VLC app from the App Store or for Android via Google Play. The JetAudio app is another FLAC player for Android.

How do I use FLAC?


  1. Step 1: Download and install Exact Audio Copy, which includes the FLAC codec.
  2. Step 2: When you get to the components to install, make sure that FLAC is checked.
  3. Step 3: At the encoder selection section, change the encoder from MP3 files to FLAC and click Next.

How do I play FLAC files with VLC?

To play a FLAC file in VLC, click VLC’s “Media” menu, select ” Open File ” and navigate to the FLAC file you want to play. Double-click the FLAC to load it into VLC. You can load multiple FLACs by holding the “Ctrl” key, clicking each FLAC you want to play, and then clicking the ” Open ” button.

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