FAQ: How To Play Iron Banner?


How do I play Iron banner in Destiny 2?

How to access it

  1. You must have completed the Destiny 2 campaign and reached Power Level 20.
  2. Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to begin the Iron Banner Quest.
  3. Go into your Director, select Crucible and choose the Iron Banner playlist.

How does iron banner work?

The Iron Banner calls Guardians to prove themselves in the Crucible. Their emissary waits in the Tower to reward those who excel. Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible event that is available once every month and lasts for one week.

Is Iron Banner active?

During each week that Iron Banner is active, you can expect an array of bounties to complete throughout the seven-day period.

Do Iron Banner bounties expire?

Event Conclusion: At the end of an Iron Banner event, Iron Banner bounties will expire. Players can keep these in their inventory until the next Season where they will be removed.

How long is iron banner for?

What Is Iron Banner? Iron Banner is a limited-time PvP playlist that lasts for one week, usually starting from the second Tuesday of the month.

How do you get the full Iron banner set?

Iron Banner Armor Quest Steps

  1. Step 1: Test of Strength – Earn points by defeating enemies.
  2. Step 2: Armed and Dangerous – Earn points by capturing zones and earning Power Plays.
  3. Step 3: Light it Up – Kill other guardians with supers.
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Do Iron Banner bounties reset?

Nope. They just last for the week. They will reappear next iron banner.

Is Iron banner every month?

Iron Banner only shows up once a month in Destiny 2, and offers players a unique version of the Control gametype (capture the zones). When players complete matches, they earn Iron Banner tokens.

Is Iron banner light based?

However, for the first time ever, Iron Banner will not factor in the Light levels of the players participating. It does not matter how high or low your Light is, as long as you’ve beaten the main campaign then you can enjoy this PvP activity.

Can you get Felwinter’s lie from iron banner?

Felwinter’s Lie is a Legendary Shotgun introduced in Destiny, one of several possible awards in the game’s second Iron Banner event.

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