FAQ: How To Play Nirvana On Guitar?


What is the easiest Nirvana song to play on guitar?

Top easy songs by Nirvana to play on guitar

  • All Apologies. Nirvana. C;F;G. C.
  • Come As You Are. Nirvana. A;C;D;Em;G. C.
  • Molly’s Lips. Nirvana. C;G.
  • Something in the way. Nirvana. D;F#m.

Is Nirvana easy to play?

Every Nirvana song is easy if you have command over your basic power chords or inverted power chord shapes. It’s the legendary voice that can’t be replicated. The pain and the agony behind those melodies, and the Godlike ability to write meaningful lyrics is what you strive for.

What tuning is about a girl?

Tuning FYI I decided to use standard tuning in my video lesson above. Take note of this in case you want to play along with Nirvana.

What guitars did Kurt Cobain play?

Kurt Cobain was most known for playing Fender Mustang and Jaguar guitars as well as the Martin D-18 acoustic guitar he played on the legendary Nirvana MTV unplugged performance.

What is the hardest Nirvana song to sing?

Milk It (In Utero, 1993) It’s one of the hardest Nirvana tunes to learn and perform live.

What tuning does nirvana use?

Much of Nirvana’s work was in standard EADGBe tuning, including “Smells like Teen Spirit”, “In Bloom”, “Polly”, “Breed” and others. Other tunings Nirvana used were drop D, and variants of that and standard tuning tuned down. “Heart Shaped Box” and “On a Plain” were recorded in drop D tuning, DADGBe.

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What chords does nirvana use?

In heaps of Nirvana tracks, Cobain uses chords that don’t belong to the key of the song, for example:

  • Polly, E Minor, uses D – C – G – Bb, even though Bb doesn’t belong.
  • Lithium, D Major, uses D – F#(m) – B(m) – G – Bb – C – A – C, even though Bb and C don’t belong.

How can I be a nirvana?

While nirvana is possible for any person, in most Buddhist sects only monks attempt to achieve it. Lay Buddhists — Buddhists outside the monastic community — strive instead for a higher existence in their next life. They follow the Noble Eightfold Path and help others, trying to accumulate good Karma.

What tuning is about a girl Unplugged in?

First of all, on the unplugged album, the guitars are tuned down a semi-tone for some reason which means the tuning will look like this: D# (E) A# (B) F# (G) C# (D) G# (A) D# (E) Although these are the notes that the guitar will be playing, I will still write them as E A D G B E because it’s just easier.

What chord is C-sharp?

The C – sharp major triad, more commonly called the C – sharp major chord or simply the C – sharp chord for short, consists of the notes C – sharp, E- sharp and G- sharp. It is enharmonic with the D-flat major chord – meaning that both chords are the same on the piano, even though the notes are different.

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