FAQ: How To Play Reggae?


What is the reggae rhythm?

Reggae incorporates plenty of off- beat rhythms. These are usually staccato beats played by a guitar or piano (sometimes both) on the off-beats (also known as upbeats) of a measure. This gives most reggae music a ‘jumpy’ feel.

What is a typical reggae chord sequence?

Bob Marley used this reggae chord progression on No Woman, No Cry and so have other reggae artists. Chords: C major – G major – A minor – F major – C major – G major C major – G major. This reggae chord progression works for the intro, verse, chorus and bridge.

What are the most common features of reggae music?


  • electric guitars and drums line-up.
  • amplified bass guitar riffs (short repeated patterns)
  • an association with Rastafarianism (a religious movement worshipping Haile Selassie)
  • characteristic rhythm in 4/4 with missing beat emphasis.
  • use of repeated offbeat quavers.

How does reggae make you feel?

Reggae is known as relaxing music to help calm you down a little. If you are tired and a little down, putting on some old punk music can take you back to the good old days, giving you a nice energy boost!

Who is the most famous reggae artist?

7 of the best reggae artists of all-time

  • 7) Burning Spear. Burning Spear, also known as Winston Rodney, is no doubt one of the most enduring reggae artists of all time.
  • 6) Steel Pulse. Steel Pulse formed in Birmingham in 1975.
  • 5) Peter Tosh.
  • 4) Sizzla.
  • 3) Toots and the Maytals.
  • 2) Desmond Dekker.
  • 1) Bob Marley.
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What is the structure of reggae music?

Most reggae songs have a Verse-chorus structure. This is much like in rock music where the (AB) structure is used. With the verse-chorus form, it usually starts off with an intro. The intro to the song usually takes the best part of the song in general and sets the mood for the whole song and grabs people’s attention.

What keyboard is used in reggae?

The thing with the keyboard unlike other instruments used in reggae is that, it’s digital and you can experiment a bit and it will still sound relatively good. Some of the top keyboard players back in the day used the Korg M1 (01-W).

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What is the reggae beat called?

One drop rhythm is a reggae style drum beat. Popularized by Carlton Barrett, long-time drummer of Bob Marley and the Wailers, the creator is disputed, and it has been attributed to drummers including Barrett, Carlton and his brother Aston, and Winston Grennan.

Who invented reggae?

Toots Hibbert, frontman of the legendary reggae band Toots and the Maytals, has died at the age of 77. One of Jamaica’s most influential musicians, he helped popularise reggae in the 1960s with songs like Pressure Drop, Monkey Man and Funky Kingston.

What was the first reggae song?

For many of us, Jimmy Cliff’s 1973 song “The Harder They Come” was the first reggae piece we’d heard. Reggae grew out of two earlier styles of Jamaican music, ska and rocksteady. And these were both preceded by the Jamaican folk/pop music of the 1950s, a style called mento.

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