FAQ: How To Play Welcome To The Game?


How does welcome to the game work?

Welcome to the Game is a creepy horror / puzzle game that takes you into the world of the Deep Web. During this process, you are challenged with hidden puzzles on the Deep Web, have to solve mini puzzle games to prevent from getting hacked and there may or may not be kidnappers trying to kidnap you.

Where is the welcome to the game code?

Welcome to the Game is a randomly generated puzzle game where you start off navigating the Deep Wiki I in search of eight bits of code called called “keys”, hidden within the websites of the Deep Web. You only have 30 in- game days to do so.

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Is it possible to beat Welcome to the game?

Well, Yes… but NO! If you have noticed, a lot of noise has been whirling around Welcome to The Game 2. Oppositely to that, one twitch streamer has managed to beat Welcome to the Game 2 live on stream, and that is DasMEHDI. After he found all the eight codes, he has managed to complete the game.

What is the visual cue in Welcome to the game?

Thankfully with the 2.0 update, Adam has added in a subtle visual cue that will tell you if a website has a code on it or not. When you visit a website in- game, you will notice the blue loading bar going across the Address bar at the top of your browser.

How long does it take to beat Welcome to the game?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 7h
Main + Extras 1 8h
Completionists 1 7h
All PlayStyles 3 7h 20m

What is the goal of Welcome to the Game 2?

Story and Gameplay Clint has from 10 PM to 4 AM to complete his objective, and a minute in- game consists of 30 seconds in real life, so the player has 3 hours. His goal is to scour the Deep Web from the safety of his own home for eight hashes that can be pieced together into a digital tunnel to the Shadow Web.

What is the waiting room in Welcome to the game?

The Waiting Room is the Executioner’s base of operations, where his victims are imprisoned before being dragged to a torture chamber and mutilated for the Red Room.

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How many killers are in Welcome to the game?

Do you just hate browsing the web and all of a sudden some knock-off Agent 47 enters your room and kills you?

What is casual mode in Welcome to the game?

Casual Mode is a mode in Welcome to the Game that was added in the 2.2 update. It functions less like a challenging game and more like a Deep Web browsing simulator.

Is there a flashlight in Welcome to the game?

Gameplay. The flashlight is found at Clint Edwards’s bedside, and is used to navigate the darkness brought on by outside threats shutting off the breaker, which turns off all lights and the computer.

How do you hold a door to welcome to the game?

In order to survive, the player must hold the door knob while he tries to turn and open it. In order to do this, the player must aim the cursor on the door knob. The doorknob will then say ” Hold ” and the player must hold left-click in order to hold the door shut.

How many endings are there in Welcome to the Game 2?

Rather than three completely separate endings, Welcome to the Game II has one ending with an arbitrary choice at the very end.

How do you know if you’re being tracked welcome to the game?

When your computer is being tracked, a small arrow representing Location Services will appear on the taskbar at the top right of the screen for a few seconds before disappearing. When this happens, immediately get off your computer and turn off the light.

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How do you solve the Claffis?

The game has only one round. Starting the game shows the player 6 notes in a row that they have to play back to win. Solve Claffis on the first try. 4. Welcome to the Game Claffis.

Walkthrough Summary
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What does the Doll Maker do in Welcome to the game?

The Doll Maker serves as a secret antagonist of Welcome to the Game II. He’s a Central European surgeon who immigrated from Germany to the United States to kidnap women and surgically twist them into immobile yet still living sex dolls, operating within The Doll Maker website on the Deep Web.

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