FAQ: How To Play Zz Top?


What does Tush mean in ZZ Top song?

The title is a double entendre, referring both to slang for buttocks (with the connotation of “a piece of ass”), and slang for “luxurious” or “lavish”, according to a 1985 interview with Dusty Hill in Spin magazine.

What key is ZZ Top Tush in?

Tush by ZZ Top is in the key of G Major. It should be played at a tempo of 132 BPM.

Why did Jesus leave Chicago?

According to Billy Gibbons, he got the idea for this song when he was a teenager. He was talking on the phone to a friend who was known as “R&B Jr,” who had lots of strange sayings in his lexicon. One day Billy was talking to him on the phone when he blurted out, ” Jesus Just Left Chicago!”

What guitar did Billy Gibbons use on Jesus Just Left Chicago?

Staggered Mag Tele-Meister.

What key is the La Grange solo in?

wnorcott Tele-Holic. Well when Billy Gibbons does the solo on La Grange it is not soloing a C box on top of an A chord. The whole song does an actual key change to C. Listen to the bass too, the song actually changes to the key of C for the solo.

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What is the meaning of La Grange?

French: topographic name for someone who lived by a granary, a variant of Grange, with the definite article la.

What gives ZZ Top sound?

Brians told Gibbons to record a solo then a rhythm track that was “simple enough that you can double it.” With the first version down, Brians “messed with” the guitar tuning and recorded the second take alongside it, giving them the sound they were after.

Does Billy Gibbons use a fuzz pedal?

In more recent years, Gibbons and his bandmates have favoured a heavier sound. This was illustrated on La Futura – their most recent studio album. In particular, Gibbons has adopted a much heavier tone and uses fuzz as a key part of his sound.

How does Billy Gibbons get his sound?

Amplifiers. Gibbons ‘ sound is based on a 100-watt Marshall Super Lead made in 1968. “I would say that it was the ’59 Gibson Les Paul, better known now as ‘Pearly Gates’, plugged into a hundred-watt Marshall. [It] designed a sound that still resonates today.”

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