FAQ: Sushi Go Party How To Play?


Is Sushi Go Party worth it?

Sushi Go Party! definitely does gives you an extra £10 worth of enjoyment. It turns Sushi Go! From a 2-5 player game to a 2-8 player game, adds a little score track so you don’t have to write anything down, and adds 80 extra cards you might choose to play with, each with new rules and ideas.

How many cards do you get in sushi go party?

At the start of each round, cards are dealt from the draw pile, face-down to each player. In a 2 player game, deal 10 cards to each player. In a 3 player game, deal 9 cards to each player. In a 4 player game, deal 8 cards to each player.

Do you need sushi go to play Sushi Go Party?

No. Sushi Go gives you enough cards to deal three times without reshufflung. Sushi Go Party gives you more types of cards, but you need to reshuffle them each round.

Whats the difference between sushi go and sushi go party?

In Sushi Go, you have a single deck for the game; the whole game runs through the deck once (no card is re-used). In Sushi Go Party, the deck is only for a round; you shuffle all cards (except desserts) back to the deck for the next round.

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Is Sushi Go party fun?

Yes the game is very fun, easy to teach and is playable at a variety of player counts. Party is fantastic. If you want to turn it weirdly super cutthroat, play sushi golf, which is the same game but you try to get the lowest score.

Is Sushi Go fun for adults?

So a four-year-old can play it. That doesn’t necessarily make it fun for adults. Luckily, Sushi Go! is a blast for adults, too. (In fact, the adults at my family Thanksgiving played this game almost nonstop.)

What does soy sauce do in sushi go?

A mini expansion for Sushi Go! includes four copies of a new ” Soy Sauce ” card that will score four points to the player who collects the most variety of colors in a round. The Soy Sauce promo is contained in the 2016 release of Sushi Go Party.

Does Tea count for dessert sushi go?

Like Soy Sauce, Tea only counts the cards played during the round.

Can you play Sushi Go with party?

Sushi Go Party includes the same card types as the original, but you still have to play by the Sushi Go Party rules because there are less cards of each type than in the original.

Can you play Sushi Go with 6 players?

The upcoming sequel to Sushi Go!, Sushi Go Party! will allow for 6 -8 players. Among many other features, it allows you to essentially play the original game but with 2-8 players.

Does sushi go have expansions?

Sushi Go Party isn’t an expansion, as such: it’s more of an expanded deluxe edition.

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When did Sushi Go come out?

(2013) Pass the sushi around, but keep the best for yourself.

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