How To Play Em7?


How do I use Em7?

How do I play the open Em7 guitar chord?

  1. Place your 1st finger on the 2nd fret of the A string. (5th string.)
  2. Place your 2nd finger on the 2nd fret of the D string. (4th string.)
  3. Place your 3rd finger on the 3rd fret of the B string.
  4. Place your 4th finger on the 3rd fret of the high E string.
  5. Strum ALL the strings.

What is a Em7 chord?

E minor 7 ( Em7 ) is a beautiful chord composed of the notes E, G, B, and D. The combination of the minor key (G is the flat 3rd of the major scale) and the 7th interval (D) give it a rich, interesting sound.

What scale is Em7?

Em7 summary table

Guitar chord name Em7 (E minor seventh)
Chord Construction R = E E + minor interval = G ( scale degree = minor 3rd) G + major interval = B ( scale degree = 5th) B + minor interval = D ( scale degree = minor 7th)
Em7 on other instruments Em7 piano Em7 guitar Em7 ukulele Em7 mandolin Em7 banjo


How great is our God chords?

[Chorus] G How great is our God, sing with me, Em7 How great is our God, and all will see, C D G How great, how great is our God. [Bridge] G Name above all names, Em7 Worthy of all praise, C My heart will sing D G How great is our God.

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Why is it called Em7?

Em7 = play E as the root note of a minor triad and add a b7 (minor seventh interval) as a tertian extension note. Cadd9 = play C as the root note of a major triad and add a 9 (major ninth interval) as an additional tone above the triad.

What notes are in an a minor 7 chord?

The A minor 7th chord contains 4 notes: A, C, E, G. The chord spelling / formula relative to the A major scale is: 1 b3 5 b7.

What does an A minor chord look like?

The A Minor chord, which forms the root of the A Minor scale, is made up of the notes A, C, and E— the first, third, and fifth notes of the key of A. On the guitar, using the basic A Minor chord position shown in the picture, these notes arrive in this order: E, A, E, B, C and E.

What’s the E minor chord on guitar?

The E minor chord is one of the easiest chords to learn, and one of the most common minor chords to play. You only need two fingers. Place your second finger on the fifth string at the second fret. Then, place your third finger on the fourth string at the second fret.

What key is f m7?

The F sharp minor 7 chord ( F # m7 ) an F# minor chord (F# – A – C#) with the ‘flat 7’ of the F# Major scale included (E).

What chords are in what key?

Clicking any key in the circle of fifths will display all diatonic chords within that key as guitar chords for you string ticklers. #2 See The Key.

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Major Minor
E Dbm
B Abm
F Ebm
Db Bbm


What guitar chord is f m?

What Is the F Sharp Minor Guitar Chord? F Sharp Minor, or F # m, is a popular note in many classic songs. The “#” represents the word “sharp,” and the “ m ” denotes “minor.” You may also find this chord written as “F# minor” or “F# minor chord.” F # m contains three notes: F#, A, and C#.

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