How To Play Pbe?


How do I join the PBE?

To create a PBE account, navigate to the PBE sign-up page on Riot’s official website and make sure your account meets the eligibility criteria. If you have no current bans and are at least honor level three in League, you’ll be able to create an account.

How do I play on the PBE server?

You have to have a League of Legends account with at least honor level three in order to access the PBE. This means you have to have had an account for quite a bit, and you had to have played on it within this year. Honor levels reset every season and most players start at two, having to climb up to three over time.

How does the PBE work?

The Public Beta Environment (or PBE ) is a “test-centric” server on which upcoming patches are available for public testing, this allows Riot Games to fix any bugs before the patch is released to the rest of the world. A PBE account requires linking to an existing account with Honor 3 on a live server.

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How long does it take to get a PBE account?

In the first half of League’s cycle, players had to explicitly sign up for a separate PBE account and hope that it eventually comes their way. It took me about 15 months of playing LoL to get the PBE account.

Are skins free in PBE?

The pbe comes with all of the champions unlocked, and skins are the same price as they are in the main game.

Can PBE play Valorant?

IMPORTANT NOTES Also, joining the PBE does not create a PBE -only account! You’ll be using your current VALORANT account to log in, so be sure to sign up using the account you want to use. This means if you’re banned on the PBE, you’ll also be banned on Live, and vice versa.

Can you play TFT PBE on mobile?

As a quick reminder, this is only available on PC. Mobile players will have to wait to get their hands on TFT Set 5 Reckoning until the official release date. A player’s account must be at least Honor level two to be able to be played.

What is PBE LOL?

The Public Beta Environment ( PBE ) is a League server where you can try out upcoming features that aren’t (and may never be) implemented in-game. This also gives us a chance to squash any pesky bugs you find along the way to ensure our shiny new content is well-tuned and (hopefully) glitch-free before it goes live.

How often do you get Rp on PBE?

You get 3000 RP a day for playing any matchmade game. It used to be higher, but they lowered it to force PBE players to be more dedicated actual playtesting rather than using it to try out expensive skins on a whim.

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How do you get Honor Level 3?

You’ll also start getting special honor loot capsules starting at level three. To level, all you have to do is play matchmade games and try to win. If you get punished for something, you will level down and temporarily be locked out of rewards – so be on your best behavior!

How do you level up Honor fast?

There’s only really one way to reliably up your Honor ranking fast, and that’s to play each match to the best of your ability. By playing each match to win and by displaying a generally positive attitude, you’re more likely to be honored by teammates at the end of each game.

Why is PBE not available for your current account?

“League of Legends PBE is not available for your current account. Please switch accounts to open this game.” You get this issue because you did not sign out last time you closed the client. As stated earlier, Live and PBE accounts are separate.

How do you play the Valorant test server?

To join the Valorant PBE, North American accounts will have to apply to be permitted into the test servers. Valorant PBE sign-up:

  1. Go to PBE apply page.
  2. Log in to NA Riot Valorant account.
  3. Select ‘Download’ to get the PBE Client.
  4. Verify your date of birth.
  5. Install Client.
  6. Sign in to Valorant PBE.

Where is the PBE server located?

There are a few servers around the world that are not run by Riot. Riot Games Servers.

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Server Name Public Beta Environment
Abbreviation PBE ( PBE )
Language(s) English
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States


How do you log out of League of Legends?

How to log out of League of Legends Client?

  1. STEP 1: X Button. Once in the client, you will see a Cross (X) button on the top right corner of the client. Click it and proceed to Step 2.
  2. STEP 2: Confirmation Box. A confirmation pop-up box will appear on the client with two options – Exit and Sign Out.

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