Often asked: How To Play As Cyber Sub Zero?


How do I use Cyber Subzero?

In order to access Triborg’s Cyber Sub-Zero variation, select the fighter, as normal. When the prompt to select a variation comes up, hit Up on the D-pad twice. A ‘Cursor Hidden’ selection will be highlighted, where hitting Back Punch (Triangle/Y) will select the Cyber Sub-Zero variation.

How do you get the secret Triborg skin?

Secret Variant The variant requires users to press Up, Up, Triangle (PS4) or Up, Up, Y (Xbox) on the variant selection screen.

How do you get sub-zero Triborg on Xbox?

In order to play as this version of the character (or play as any character without a specific variation) select Triborg, then when it’s time to select your desired variation press Up, Up, Y ( Xbox ) or Triangle (PS4). Doing this will give you Cyber Sub – Zero (LK-520).

What is the best variation for Sub-Zero?

What Do You Think Sub – Zero’s Best Variation Is?

  • Dead of Winter. Votes: 5 15.2%
  • Thin Ice. Votes: 4 12.1%
  • Avalanche. Votes: 24 72.7%
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Is Triborg subzero good?

One of the best gold kards in the game, Sub-Zero Triborg is a valuable asset to player’s kollection. At start of the match, each Triborg character gain 1 support robot that apply frostbite on their special attacks (SP). With support robot, his combo ender can freeze the enemy, synergizing well with this effect.

What does Cyber Sub-Zero’s drone do?

User Info: dagolarosa. they enhance your abilities and combos. so combos gain extra damage for holding down a certain button while specials such as your ice ball add burn damage while they are frozen.

How do you do Triborg fatalities?


  1. Head Strong: (All variations) LT + RT on Xbox One; L2 + R2 on PS4.
  2. Friendship: (All variations) Throw, hold Back with Cyrax/Towards with Sektor/Down with Smoke, hit Front Punch/Back Punch four times on final hit.

Does Triborg smoke?

As Smoke, Triborg’s entire body becomes a blackish-grey but his faceplate remains unchanged. Alternatively, selecting his alternate colors while morphed as Smoke will change his entire body purple, similar to Smoke’s cyborg appearance in MK3.

What is Triborg stage fatality?

RaidenXThunder. RaidenXThunder. Triborg Stage Fatality Inputs: Down Up (while holding block – R2 or RT) Block Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat X.

How do you become a sub-zero Triborg?

Answer: Select Triborg on the character selection screen and press Up Up quickly. This brings up a hidden menu. Simply press triangle and the Cyber Sub – Zero Triborg variation will be unlocked.

Does mk11 have hidden characters?

There’s a hidden character lurking around The Krypt, and you might recognize him – if you can find him. To find this character’s cameo, you’ll need to progress to Goro’s Lair, and have at found at least two Skeleton Keys – which are sometimes found in chests ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 Koins.

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How do you unlock corrupted shinnok?

You can’t unlock him. Don’t listen to ’em, you unlock him by getting the secret platinum medal on the daily tower 800 times in a row.

Is Sub-Zero Good MKX?

Sub – Zero has a lot of powerful tools in Mortal Kombat X, but most notably his Ice Klone in the Grandmaster style is very useful. He gains longer range and more damage with the ice weapons in the Cryomancer variant, while his Unbreakable variant has multiple defensive options.

Which Scorpion variation is the best?

Inferno is the best IMO. Longer combo + great zoning, overhead projectile & from the back.

Is Sub-Zero Good MK11?

The first part of MK11 Sub – Zero’s passive allows him to keep the opponent supressed while fighting him. Every 12-8 seconds, he inflicts Frostbite to the current opponent, slowing them down and also draining their power over time. The last part of his passive makes MK11 Sub – Zero a great asset to any MK11 based teams.

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