Often asked: How To Play As Richter In Sotn?


How do you play as Maria Sotn?

Use the key on the door to unlock Maria. Unlock Maria Renard cheats for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. When you complete the game create a new save file and input the name ‘MARIA’ (case sensitive and without the quotes) and Maria Renard will become available as a playable character.

How do you get to Dracula as Richter in Sotn?

After defeating Dracula, Alucard’s quest begins. After beating the game with Alucard, a new game can be started with Richter by entering the name ” RICHTER ” in the Name Entry screen. Richter is then able to play through the entire game until he faces Shaft.

How do I free Richter in Sotn?


  1. After finding the Gold Ring and Silver Ring during the game, you must go to the clock tower and equip the two rings. The main clock hands will spin around and you will hear some chimes.
  2. You have to equip the Holy Glasses and kill the green orb hovering above Richter’s head without killing Richter himself.
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How do you play as Richter in Portrait of Ruin?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Sometimes there are other requirements too; for example, in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, in order to unlock Richter, the player must first defeat the Whip’s Memory and beat the game, and to unlock Old Axe Armor Mode, they must first defeat 1,000 Old Axe Armors and beat the game.

Is Dracula A Belmont?

In all other Castlevania-related media (canon or non-canon), no, Dracula is not a Belmont. Spoilers for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence— In the main Castlevania canon, Dracula was originally a French nobleman called Mathias Cronqvist. He was a battle tactician and the best friend of Leon Belmont.

Does Alucard love Maria?

Maria winds up falling in love with Alucard, much as Sonia Belmont did before her in an alternate timeline. It’s not known if Alucard returns her love, but there’s strong hints that her romantic feelings are one sided.

Does Sypha die?

She was killed in 1073 by the werewolf forces of Dracula, leaving Simon to be raised by mountain people. Her soul was kept in a frozen shard below Dracula’s Castle, where it was discovered by her son Simon in 1103.

How do you beat Dracula in Sotn?

You can bait his swipes, then run to the other side of the screen to dodge it fully. Dracula will then spawn a monster, and smash it together with both of his claws. Jump up to avoid this attack. After that attack, Dracula will fly into the distance and fire a homing blue orb.

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How do I unlock Richter mode?

This mode is usually unlocked once the game has been completed in Normal Mode and can be accessed either by inputting a special code in the Name Entry Screen or simply by selecting the option to start the game in this mode once it becomes available.

What happens if I kill Richter?

If you choose to rescue Richter, you’ll simply set him free. He’ll offer his thanks before he heads off on his way. However, you’ll later learn of his betrayal. Alternatively, if you choose to kill Richter, you can simply put a bullet between his eyes and be done with it.

Who is the strongest Belmont?

1 Simon Belmont Simon is considered the strongest Belmont for the fact that he defeated Count Dracula not once but twice, with a severe injury handicapping him in the second battle.

How did Gabriel Belmont become Dracula?

In order to enter the demon’s prison dimension Gabriel, somewhat reluctantly allowed himself to be turned into a vampire followed by defeating the demon by absorbing its power and killing it in a single blow, completely sacrificing his humanity in the process. In Mirror of Fate Gabriel returns as Dracula.

How does Trevor Belmont die?

When Trevor stabs Death in the head with the dagger, the villain explodes in a bright flash of light, seemingly engulfing Trevor in a ball of fire that he couldn’t have possibly escaped. At least that’s what Sypha, Alucard, and Greta think after the blast.

How old is Julius Belmont?

Julius may be the eldest of the Belmonts to be called into active battle. In Dawn of Sorrow, he is 56 according to the instruction booklet, which indicates he was born in 1980. This would place him at age 19, the exact same age as his ancestor Richter at the time of Rondo of Blood, in the battle of 1999.

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Is Simon Belmont a vampire?

Simon is a renowned vampire hunter from the 17th century, and also the first and one of the most recognized of the heroes from the Castlevania series. Various incarnations of him have appeared in other games in the series.

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