Often asked: How To Play Brain Stew?


What tuning is Brain Stew in?

Yeah, or hold down the 4th fret on the A-string and tune the D-string after that pitch.

Is Brain Stew hard play?

It’s really groovy. It’s catchy. And best of all it’s really, really easy to play and memorize. It’s a perfect first song for jammers and students of almost any instrument.

What is the easiest Green Day song on guitar?

Top easy songs by Green Day to play on guitar

  • 21 Guns. Green Day. A;A#;Am;C;C5;D5;Dm
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Green Day. A;B;C;C#;D;D#;E;Em;G.
  • Christie Road. Green Day. B5;C#5;E5;F#5;G#5.
  • Time of Your Life. Green Day. C;D;Em;G.
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends. Green Day.
  • When I Come Around. Green Day.
  • Working Class Hero. Green Day.

What is the tempo for Brain Stew?

Brain Stew is amoodysong byGreen Daywith a tempo of76 BPM.It can also be used double-time at 152 BPM.

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