Often asked: How To Play Careless Whisper On Alto Saxophone?


What kind of saxophone is in Careless Whisper?

Baker Street [Gerry Rafferty] – Alto. Careless Whisper [George Michael] – Tenor.

What is the hardest song to play on saxophone?

At a head-spinning pitch of 286 beats every minute, backed by a chord progression that demands the utmost level of preparation and performance, the Giant’s steps by John Coltrane, recorded in 1959, is touted as the ultimate challenge in the history of jazz.

What is the easiest saxophone to play?

So, which saxophone is the easiest to play? The alto saxophone and tenor saxophone are the easiest to learn. These instruments are easier compared to the soprano and baritone saxophones because they allow for easier control of tone and intonation, requiring less expertise to make them sound good.

Is Careless Whisper played on an alto sax?

Get access to Careless Whisper (Easy Level, Alto Sax ) and thousands of sheet music titles free of charge for 14 days! Careless Whisper (Easy Level, Alto Sax ) George Michael — Saxophone Sheet Music.

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Composer George Michael
Difficulty Easy
Accompaniment Saxophone with orchestral accomp.


What are overtones on saxophone?

An overtone is any frequency higher than the fundamental frequency of a sound. In other words, if you’re playing a low Bb, there are actually other notes quietly sounding at the same time as that low Bb.

How does the octave key work on a saxophone?

On a saxophone, the octave key is positioned next to the left-hand thumb rest. Pressing the octave key opens the top tone hole in the neck of the saxophone. Alternatively, whenever the G key is fingered, the top tone hole closes and a small tone hole is opened near the top of the body.

How loud is an alto sax?

In our example an alto saxophone plays at 60 dB and a tenor sax plays at 70 dB at the same time, producing a combined sound of 70 dB. The sound decreases by 6 dB when doubling the distance from the source.

Which is harder to play saxophone or trumpet?

The trumpet will be easier on the wallet, but the sax is easier to pick up and play. For either one I suggest taking lessons for a couple of months in order to help you understand the fundamentals more. If you choose a sax, pick up a cheap alto or tenor first.

Where can I practice my saxophone quietly?

How to Practice Your Saxophone Quietly —in Your Apartment, Hotel or Home

  • Solution #1 — MMD Saxmute.
  • Solution #2 — Saxmute ONE Acoustic Sax Mutes.
  • Solution #3 — E- Sax Whisper Mutes or Sax Partner.
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Can you teach yourself the saxophone?

Many people say that it’s easy to make a sound on the saxophone, but harder to make a good sound (at least, at first). But if you ‘re considering getting started with saxophone lessons – don’t be discouraged! Any self -disciplined student can progress in their saxophone skills by taking the right steps as a beginner.

How many hours a day should I practice saxophone?

As a rough guideline, you should be looking to average about 3-5 hours of practise every day (even more some days ) if you want to be the best of the best.

Which is easier to play saxophone or piano?

Bottom line, piano is more complicated as you progress to the intermediate and advanced levels of play. However, piano is an easy instrument to learn and incredibly hard to master, sax on the other hand, is harder to learn at first, but likely takes a lot less time. It is also the most versatile instrument.

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