Often asked: How To Play Far Harbor?


What level should I start far harbor?

You have to be at certain levels to do the DLC. 15 for Automatron,20 for Far Harbor and 30 for Nuka World. You can start far harbor earlier than that.

When should I do Far Harbor?

You have to be far enough along to get Nick Valentine as a Companion. Once you’re that far along, you can do Far Harbor. You can try it at any level, but you WILL run across some fast, and nasty, things-that-eat-you. Being level 25+ is good.

How do I get the most out of Far Harbor?

You can get the Far Harbor Survivalist Perk if you side with Far Harbor. Siding with Children of Atom gives you the Crusader of Atom Perk which grants more damage the higher your Rads. The Wind Turbine Kill Switch disables Far Harbor’s power, stopping their Fog Condensers and allowing the fog to overtake the town.

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What should I bring to Far Harbor?

Fallout 4 Far Harbor: Tips To Get You Ready

  • Ready up for Rads. The area’s fog is pretty high in radiation, so bring lots of RadAway, Rad-X, and some rad-resistant armor with you.
  • Stock up on Caps.
  • Get the Harpoon Gun.
  • Bring Valentine.

Should I play Nuka world or far harbor first?

Nuka World first and keep Far Harbor last. Far Harbor is harder than Nuka World and is more satisfying plot wise late in the game or post main quest.

Where do I start far harbor?

First, you’ll need to have completed the ‘Getting a Clue” quest in the main story: basically, you need to have traveled to Diamond City and met Nick Valentine, which most players will have already done. If you’ve already done that, you should see a new radio station for the Valentine detective agency in your pip-boy.

Can you travel back and forth from Far Harbor?

You can travel back and forth as much as you like. There’s a boat you can take, and even fast travel from the commonwealth to the main town there.

Should I bring Nick Valentine to Far Harbor?

You absolutely must bring Nick Valentine with you. Some of the biggest payoffs/quests in Far Harbor’s story revolve around Nick, but for whatever reason, the game does let you play the DLC without him. At one point, Far Harbor actually offers you a permanent new companion, Old Longfellow.

How long does far harbor take to complete?

So in summary, you’re looking at about 15-20 hours with just completing the main quests and side quests, with an additional few hours to explore the world and hit all of those locations.

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Should I kill DiMA?

DiMA will be killed no matter what. You cannot save him with this option. If the attack on Acadia takes place and Kasumi dies, you’ll get the Destroyer of Acadia perk, giving you bonus damage when you’re low health. Confront DiMA: When you confront DiMA, he will ask you to keep his secret.

Should I tell Avery She’s a synth?

She doesn’t know she’s a synth, but you can tell her. The idea is DiMA replaced the original Avery with someone programmed to be more sympathetic towards Acadia, to help keep Acadia safe from Far Harbor. The same thing happens to Confessor Tektus if you keep DiMA’s secret and go for the peaceful ending.

Should I kill high confessor Tektus?

There is no penalty for killing Tektus after convincing him to flee. The player character can inform DiMa that they convinced Tektus to flee but he will accept the results anyway. Witch Hunt is no longer available after telling High Confessor Tektus about the fake holotape.

What should I not miss in Far Harbor?

Here are seven things you’ll definitely want to make the time for as you uncover the island’s many mysteries.

  • Get the Captain’s Hat.
  • Solve the Cliff’s Edge Hotel murder mystery.
  • Underwater exploration.
  • Find the marine combat armor.
  • Fight the Shipbreaker.
  • Buy guard dogs.
  • Talk to the Acadia synths.

Which companion is best for Nuka world?

The best companion is Gage by far.

How many settlements are in far harbor?

Fallout 4: Far Harbor – All 4 Workshops & Settlements Locations Guide – Gameranx.

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