Often asked: How To Play Fusionfall?


Is FusionFall still playable?

On August 29, 2013, the game’s servers were shut down. It was unofficially revived by fans as two different games in 2017, the first being FusionFall: Retro which was the original game and the second being FusionFall: Legacy which was the original game but with additional content.

Mode(s) Multiplayer


Is OpenFusion online?

This version of the game is focused on single-player offline play. After the assets for the game are downloaded, the game no longer requires an internet connection to play. Updates for this version of OpenFusion are delayed due to the release cycle of Flashpoint.

What happened FusionFall legacy?

Before April 16th, 2020, FusionFall Legacy was still in development, with a demo slated to come out that year, however, due to the DMCA takedown request by Cartoon Network, FusionFall Legacy has been cancelled. The game is in a playable state, but under the terms of the DMCA, it can never be released to the public.

Can you play FusionFall 2020?

On April 16, 2020, FFU, whose Twitter account had been changed to ‘The Universe Team’, announced that Cartoon Network had filed a DMCA takedown request, which the team agreed to, leading to FusionFall Retro being shut down and FusionFall Legacy being cancelled as it was also confirmed that the team’s fan projects,

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Why FusionFall shut down?

Retro. On April 16, 2020, FusionFall Retro was closed after receiving a DMCA takedown request from Cartoon Network. On the same day, the FusionFall Universe twitter account was changed to ‘The Universe Team’, tweeted the news of the DMCA request, and thanked the FusionFall community for their support.

How do you get vehicles in FusionFall?

A player can rent vehicles from vendors under the Kevin Hotrod Rental System. In the original game, this system allowed for purchases to be used from 3 to 15 days; in FusionFall Retro, every vehicle rental only lasted 7 days. Vehicle vendors can be found at Townsville Center, Mount Blackhead, and Forsaken Valley.

Is FusionFall retro free?

Note: As of April 19 2010, FusionFall is now 100% free to play. All current subscribers have received a special in-game gift, if they redeemed it with a code.

How do you use commands in OpenFusion?

The following is a list of chat commands that can be used in OpenFusion.

  1. /speed – Alters movement speed.
  2. /jump – Alters jump height.
  3. /warp – Warps you to a square on the map. (
  4. /goto – Warps you to specified coordinates.
  5. /viewloc – Displays your coordinates on screen.
  6. /viewcol – Shows the collision of objects.

What happened Exonaut project?

Closure. In late 2014, for various reasons, Cartoon Network shut down the Project Exonaut servers and disabled the game service permanently. Project Exonaut faded into obscurity.

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