Often asked: How To Play Pop O Matic Trouble Game?


What are the rules for POP O Matic Trouble game?

According to the Trouble rules, every time a player pops a 6 using the POP – O – MATIC dice system, they have a decision to make. You can either move a peg that’s already on the track, or you can move a new peg out into the start position, to get more of your team to the finish line as fast as possible.

What if you roll a 1 in trouble?

Failed to get answers. Failed to get answers. Answer: When someone “pops” a red number one, that player’s turn ends, and everyone else gets to move a new marker out onto the playing board.

What number do you need to get out in trouble?

On your first turn, you must pop a number 6 to move one of your pegs out of HOME and into START on the playing track. You pop only once. If you do not pop a 6 on your first turn you cannot move any of your pegs and must wait until your next turn to try again. Once you pop a 6, move one of your pegs into START.

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Can you hop over your own piece in trouble?

There is nothing in the rules that says you can ‘t jump over your own piece.

What do the X’s mean in trouble?

Showing 1-10 of 74 answers. According to the INSTRUCTIONS: Warp- If you land on a Warp space by exact count, you must move your peg to the base of the warp path on the opposite side of the board. XX If you land on Double Trouble space by exact count, you take another turn!(

How do you win at trouble?

Per Trouble game rules, to win the game, you must be the first player to move all your pieces into the your Finish. You must roll an exact number to move your pieces into an empty “Finish” spot.

Which board game uses exactly one die?

Step 1: Introduction to the question “Which of these board games uses exactly one die?” Trouble is a board game in which players compete to be the first to send four pieces all the way around a board. Pieces are moved according to the roll of a single die.

What do the Red 1 mean in trouble?

RED 1: means the other player can move one out if they can, you don’t move that turn. DOUBLE Xs: if you stop on them you get another turn.

Why is the number 1 red in trouble?

In our game of Trouble, rolling a 1 meant that the other players could bring a piece out of home but it doesn’t affect the player that rolled. The rule that Nina mentions above and Mike R references ( red 1 is special for having others move a peg out of home) is not a house rule.

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What does the 6 mean in trouble?

When you pop a 6, you can either move a new peg out to START, or move a peg already in the playing track. Then pop again. If you pop any other number, move one of your pegs already in the playing track.

How many dice are used in sorry?

The game consists of three dice, four home bases, a start base, and sixteen pawns, four in each colour. Up to four players can play this game. To play, each player takes a home base and sets it on a different colour and all of the pawns are put on the start base no matter how many people are playing.

How many dice do you use in trouble?

In the Trouble board game, kids race to get all their game pieces around the board; but be careful! A player could get bumped and sent back to the beginning. This version of the Trouble game powers up the popping fun with 2 dice: a symbol die and a number die.

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