Question: Cosmic Encounter How To Play?


Is Cosmic Encounter good?

The stories it tells from the permutations of crazy situations you can get in are amazing. In Conclusion, Cosmic Encounter is a good game but not one that I can honestly say is an all time great or classic. The game design is ok but it’s really the players who bring this game to life.

How long does it take to play cosmic encounter?

Cosmic Encounter

Designed by Peter Olotka, Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, Bill Norton
Setup time 5–10 minutes
Playing time 20–120+ minutes
Random chance Medium
Age range 12+


Can cosmic encounter?

As the offense, when you draw a player’s color from the destiny deck, you may have an encounter with that player in any system, not just his or her home system. You may look at one other player’s hand before deciding who to encounter. Will is an alien that can choose who to encounter instead of using the destiny deck.

How do you beat cosmic encounter?

Here we go.

  1. Appreciate that cards are better than ships.
  2. There are no friends in Cosmic Encounter.
  3. Save up for the big push.
  4. Don’t look down on a shared victory.
  5. Never underestimate anyone’s alien power.
  6. Ask for allies as rarely as physically possible.
  7. Never underestimate the defender’s bonus.
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Can you play Cosmic Encounter Online?

Yes, you can still play Cosmic Encounter Online!

Is Cosmic Encounter fun with 3 players?

Cosmic Encounter review: Price, and who it’s for In terms of the hours of fun it’ll give you, it’s a good buy. Officially, it plays with 3 -5 players, though most experienced players will tell you that four is the sweet spot, and we’re inclined to agree.

What is the best cosmic encounter expansion?

If you’re enjoying it we can recommend the utterly fantastic Cosmic Dominion to make this game all it can be, followed by the inventive Cosmic Storm. If you fall in love, after those two you want Cosmic Conflict, Cosmic Incursion and Cosmic Alliance, in that order.

Who is main player in cosmic encounter?

The main players in an encounter are the offense, the player currently taking a turn, and the defense, the player with whom the offense is having an encounter (which is generally the player whose color was drawn from the destiny deck).

Can you Cosmic Zap yourself?

The reason that Cosmic Zap states that you can Zap your own power is because there will be times when your power might create undesirable results but you are required to use it because it is mandatory (for example, if you are Virus and are opposed by Anti-Matter).

Who made cosmic encounter?

In 2008, 31 years after Cosmic Encounter was first released, the game finally found a publisher that Olotka and Eberle felt truly understood it – Fantasy Flight.

What is a cosmic quake?

A cosmic quake is a special event that occurs if there are no cards remaining in the cosmic deck or discard pile and a player attempts to draw one or more cards from the cosmic deck. No other decks besides the cosmic deck cause a cosmic quake; they simply run out and no more cards can be drawn from them.

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Who wins ties in cosmic encounter?

When played in an encounter, an attack card’s value is added to the number of ships on the player’s side, and the higher total wins the encounter (with the defense winning in case of a tie ). Attack cards in the cosmic deck have values from 00 to 40, with most being even numbers and over half being between 04 and 10.

What is compensation in cosmic encounter?

Compensation can be thought of as either consolation for a losing player who simply wanted to make peace, or a sneaky way to lose on purpose in order to steal cards from the other player’s hand and/or bring down a player’s allies. The Ionic Gas artifact can be played to prevent players from collecting compensation.

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