Question: How To Play Arty Wot?


How does Artillery work in WOT?

Artillery mode is available to SPGs only, and allows you to see the map from above and make long-range shots. It’s sensitive to the landscape and is color-coded:

  1. green — your shell will reach its target;
  2. red — there’s an obstacle on the way, usually a hill or building;
  3. grey — the target is out of range.

How do you shoot in World of Tanks?

Automatic aiming is activated by pressing RMB by default after pointing your sight at enemy tank. It is disabled by pressing E key. After enabling auto-aiming our tank will be following the enemy, aiming at its middle – just pull the trigger to shoot at the current position of enemy tank.

How do you switch weapons in World of Tanks?

yes you can. You can find that your old gun is in the DEPOT. Go to depot and find it. Changing guns is free cause you own them both.

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What is the best artillery in World of Tanks?

Best Artillery for Every Tier | World of Tanks | tank | SPGs. Conqueror GC

  • Aim Time– 6.1 sec.
  • Reload Time– 46 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion– 1.08 m.
  • Turret? — Partially.
  • Mobility– 34.3 Km/h top speed, 14.73 Hp/t.
  • Stun Time(min. )– 13.2 sec.
  • Alpha Damage– 1200 Hp.
  • Armor Penetration– 59 mm.

Will World of Tanks Blitz have artillery?

Artillery will never be part of blitz for the simple reason that it will be outright the worst class. A key difference between blitz and pc ks that the team are much smaller (7 compared to 15) and the maps are also much smaller.

Why is artillery in World of Tanks?

It discourages enemies from staying in one place too long and removes part of the advantage of cover. Most importantly, artillery provides a counterbalance to really big tanks. A T-95 is invincible to most things it faces, but a single artillery shot can kill it. TL;DR: it stops really big tank from being too OP.

What is artillery wot?

Artillery are the most unique class of armored vehicles in the game, sharing very few characteristics with the other four classes. Unlike most tanks and tank destroyers, as a rule artillery fire high-explosive (HE) shells as their only form of ammunition.

Are tank destroyers still used?

Since World War II, gun-armed powerful tank destroyers have fallen out of favor as armies have favored multirole main battle tanks. However, lightly armored anti- tank guided missile (ATGM) carriers are commonly used for supplementary long-range anti- tank work.

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Where is the best place to hit a tank?

Best places to shoot are flat plates of armor on the sides and rear. If you want to do trick shots, aim for the back of the turret, the commander’s cupola, exposed fuel tanks, the driver’s hatch, the engine grille/mufflers, anything that’s not a solid sheet of armor plating.

Where do you hit heavy tanks?

Instead of shooting the front half of their tank if you are on their side, aim for the rear section in the engine area. For German tanks you can usually shoot through the frontal lower hull as well and do engine damage as the transmission is on the front of the tank on most German tanks.

Where is the best place to shoot a tank?

Try to aim where the turret meets the top of the tank, as this is often a weak point, even on high-tier tanks. While each tank has specifics weak points, it will not adversely affect your performance in World of Tanks if you do not aim at the weak points on low-tier tanks.

What is SPG in World of Tanks?

‘ World of Tanks ‘ Console Tutorial – Artillery SPG stands for “Self-Propelled-Gun”. However, a close range hit from an artillery is enough to explode a full-health vehicle. Two artillery vehicles fighting is known to be quite a scene, especially if they both reload slowly.

What are the controls for World of Tanks?


  • Move the mouse or use cursor keys to control the camera.
  • Shift to zoom. ( arty mode)
  • Scroll the mouse wheel or press PgUp/PgDn to control the aiming window.
  • Hold Right Mouse Button to prevent the turret from following the reticle.

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