Question: How To Play As Reinhardt?


How do you play Reinhardt effectively?

Reinhardt’s main source of damage is swinging his hammer. Each swing deals 75 damage, and you can move and turn while swinging to hit your targets. You should swing your hammer at enemies whenever you aren’t holding up your shield or using another ability.

How much HP does Reinhardt have?

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Role Tank
Health 300


What do you do when Reinhardt shield goes down?

If in the midst of the fight your shield is getting low, positioning yourself in front of healers and dropping the shield for a second at a time to preserve it a little bit, while body blocking the damage is good for emergency tanking.

How can I improve my Reinhardt?


  1. Use your primary weapon swing ability button by holding it while you have your shield up to be able to rotate the camera without rotating Reinhardt.
  2. Be aware of enemy barriers.
  3. Keep track of enemy reloads during a 1v1 fight.
  4. Try to notice when you’re being healed.

How do you not die as Reinhardt?

Stay aware of your health at all times. It’s important to be aggressive as Reinhardt but as soon as your HP dips below 200-300 put up your shield and give your healers time to heal you back up. You want to find that sweet spot of aggression that will keep pressure on the enemy but not too low that you risk dying.

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How do I look behind me as Reinhardt console?

Reinhardt can look behind himself by holding M1 while the shield is up and turning the mouse. He can even walk forward while watching his supports in that view.

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