Question: How To Play Azul Board Game?


Is Azul easy to learn?

Azul is built on simplicity. In it, players draw tiles and attempt to place them on a board in a way that scores them the most points. The rules and tactics of the game are easy to learn. Azul is a very visual game, so it’s easiest to learn by watching or doing.

How do Azul scores work?

Once the normal scoring has taken place, the final round has one final scoring phase. Players score 2 points for each complete row they have on their wall, plus 7 points for complete columns they have. If you have five tiles of a matching colour on your wall, score 10 points – this applies to each tile colour.

What is the board game Azul about?

Azul is a multiple award-winning, tile-placement game. The goal of Azul is to complete your display board, earning points as you place tiles and create patterns. If take too many tiles, and cannot fit them on the row, the leftover tiles will fall to the floor, costing you points at the end of the game.

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Is Azul good with 2 players?

Very Easy Level Set Up & Play Ah, my current “fast” favorite board game for two players! Azul takes NO time to learn or to set up, making it the perfect board game for an impromptu match after work on a Tuesday. You take turns choosing tiles that have been placed at random, and place them on your game board to play.

Can you play Azul by yourself?

Azul is a super tile laying game designed by Michael Kiesling and published by Next Move Games. In this simple solo variant you are seeking to beat your best score, though I would like to challenge you to beat 85 points.

How many rounds are in Azul?

As a result, since the game ends once any one player has completed a horizontal row, you can assume a game of Azul will last five rounds.

Who goes first in Azul?

It goes on the player’s floor, which means they have -1 right away, start the first turn and ALSO start the second turn because they’ll have the marker. B. The player “has it”, but picks tiles right away and puts the first player marker into the middle.

How do you end Azul game?

The game ends after the round in which at least one player has completed a horizontal line of 5 consecutive tiles on her wall.

How long does a game of Azul take?

Azul (board game)

Designed by Michael Kiesling
Published by Plan B Games
Publication date 2017
Players 2–4
Playing time 30–45 minutes


Can you go negative points in Azul?

You can make it a house rule to turn them into negative points but you likely won’t run into this again since you are aware that you were playing incorrectly.

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What is the best Azul game?

Best Azul Board Game Versions in 2021 [Updated]

  • Azul. One word: simple.
  • Summer Pavilion. Smooth, strategic and still almost as simple as the original version.
  • Sintra. Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra is the most strategic version of Azul.

How do you win Azul every time?

Here are five tactics that are essential to winning consistently at Azul.

  1. #1: Focus on Negative Points.
  2. #2: Forget About 5 of a Kind.
  3. #3: Start in the Center.
  4. #4: Play Defensive.
  5. #5: The Quick Game.

What is the first Azul game?

Azul: Crystal Mosaic is an expansion specifically made for Azul (the first game in the series). It contains double-sided player boards, with each board offering new challenges and exciting new strategic opportunities.

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