Question: How To Play Genji On Console?


How do you play Genji on console 2020?

Here are 5 ways to improve your Genji play on console:

  1. 1. ” Bumper Jumper”
  2. Always remember your wall climb! Tying in with the previous tip it is important to always be moving in Overwatch.
  3. Set Swift Strike to L3.
  4. The Combo – Secondary fire, Melee, Dash.
  5. Dragonblade, and putting it all together.

What is AIM ease?

Aim ease in is a setting between 0 to 100 that makes your crosshair less likely to move away from a straight line if the value is higher. Can help in precise aiming vertically and horizontally, but the higher the value the harder it is to move in a slanted direction.

How do you play Genji like a pro?

Overwatch: 10 Tips On How To Play Genji Like A Pro

  1. 3 Keep Moving.
  2. 4 Avoid 1v1 Situations.
  3. 5 Figure Out What The Team is Lacking.
  4. 6 Do Not Rush Into Battle.
  5. 7 Learn How to Use Dash Effectively.
  6. 8 Get Familiar With Deflect.
  7. 9 Make Use of The Melee Attack. Via Overwatch.
  8. 10 Focus On Surprise Attacks. Via Steemit.

Which Genji skin is the best?

[ Top 10] Overwatch Best Genji Skins

  • All-Star. Now that’s fire!
  • Sentai. Shift into Turbo Mode!
  • Baihu. The art of the shinobi.
  • Carbon Fiber. Impenetrable.
  • Young Genji. Anime hair in Overwatch.
  • Nihon. Land of the rising sun.
  • Chrome. So shiny.
  • Sparrow. Dashing Genji. A young version of the Shimada brother.
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How old is Genji?

Real Name Genji Shimada (島田 源氏)
Aliases Sparrow
Age 35
Nationality Japanese


How can I be good at Genji 2020?

Best 5 Genji Tips

  1. Dash then Alt Fire or Alt Fire then Dash. People think or used to think that you can alt-fire then dash because it has no consequences, this isn’t true.
  2. Tips on dodging abilities during ulting.
  3. Deflect jebaited.
  4. Double shuriken burst.
  5. Nano blade.

How do you kill with Genji?

Practice in quick play but the general idea of using Genji is to:

  1. Flank healers/squishies that you can easily kill with a shuriken -> dash -> melee combo.
  2. Stand behind tank shields and poke with shurikens until you see a kill opportunity, then use your dash to get in and secure the kill before dashing back to safety.

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