Question: How To Play Moji Paladins?


How do you bunny hop as Moji?

Jump while in Scamper, then turn it off while you’re in mid-air. Keep jumping until the movement speed boost runs out.

Is Moji direct damage?

Counts both as direct damage, and a weapon shot (it applies cauterize, wrecker etc.). Her secondary fire, Familiar Breath, is the main source of damage from Moji. This ability counts both as area damage, and a weapon shot. It can also pierce through multiple enemies.

What gender is Moji?

Moji – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Why do people hate Moji?

In general, the character is super unfair, because there are not “shots to land” if a moji sees you with low HP, she will outrun you and kill you without the person playing her even having to put their reticle over your character.

Is Moji a bunny?

What is Moji? in the bio she is a rabbit -like leipori, what the hell is that?

What is direct damage Paladins?

Edit. Damage from weapon shots, abilities and deployables can be classified as Area Damage, Direct Damage, Executes or True Damage. Projectiles that can only hit one enemy deal Direct Damage, otherwise they’d deal Area Damage.

What is PIP Paladins?

Pip is a support champion who has a more balanced approach compared to other champions. His Potion Launcher allows him to lob projectiles that deal area damage while his Explosive Flask skill deals damage and slows targets hit. His Healing Potion restores health to Pip and allies near the potion when it explodes.

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