Quick Answer: How To Play Like John Mayer?


What is John Mayer guitar style?

As an acoustic guitarist, one of Mayer’s defining techniques is his percussive slap, and slap/strum technique that can be heard in songs like “Heart Of Life,” “Stop This Train,” “Who Says,” “Why Georgia,” “Neon,” and many more.

How do I get John Mayer tone?

Mayer predominantly uses two boost pedals – the Keeley Katana Clean Boost and the Strymon OB1. Both of these pedals are ‘clean boosts’ that don’t colour your sound. They are perfect for getting the thick and warm tone that Mayer uses when he is playing clean. The Strymon also doubles as a compressor.

How did John Mayer get so good at guitar?

He says he picked up a guitar at a young age and was drawn to it early. He practiced a lot, went through some period of sucking at the guitar. Then, he jammed with other friends and learned that way. Eventually he went to the Berkeley School of Music to study guitar.

When did John Mayer get good at guitar?

Fox (as Marty McFly in Back To The Future) perform Chuck Berry’s song “Johnny B. Goode.” He began playing guitar at 13. Eventually, he was introduced to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan through a cassette that was given to him by a neighbor.

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Why did John Mayer leave fender?

“It was not going to work with Fender. They weren’t gonna be able – one way or another – to bring the vision that I had to life. So – not pissed off – I wanted to go somewhere where they could bring that vision to life.

How John Mayer uses Klon?

By having a boost pedal, a Tubescreamer, and a Klon on his pedalboard, John is able to tweak and shape his tone in various ways to suit different songs and tones. The Klon sounds quite clean until you really crank the gain knob, so this is an example of how John Mayer uses this pedal as a way to shape his tone.

What delay does John Mayer use?

Mayer also uses the Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay, and while it has many of the features of the Line 6 DL4, including 9 delay models and a looper, the TimeFactor also has the unique ability to use two different delays simultaneously.

What is a finger slap?

Slaps are taken by pressing the four fingers of one hand onto a scanner or fingerprint card simultaneously. ID Flats are Ten-print fingerprint records which are constructed by capturing three discrete impressions: left slap, right slap, and both thumbs together.

Is John Mayer single?

John Mayer is currently single, and there are reasons for the same. He is known to have made comments objectifying a woman’s body. He objectified his ideal woman or be it his girlfriends.

Who has John Mayer played with?

He also performed on commercial releases, namely, with Eric Clapton (Back Home, Crossroads Guitar Festival), Buddy Guy (Bring ‘Em In), John Scofield (That’s What I Say), and B.B. King (80). Although Mayer maintained his reputation as a singer-songwriter, he gained distinction as a guitarist.

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