Quick Answer: How To Play Vigil?


Is vigil a good operator?

Is vigil a good defending operator? YES! His guns are some of the best, but his ability barely helps, Hope this helps!

What does vigil ability do?

UNIQUE ABILITIES AND PLAYSTYLE Chul Kyung’s quiet lethality in the field allows him to rely on his Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7) to remain undetected. Vigil carries a prototype in his backpack, which scans surrounding electronic devices and wipes his image from any cameras in view.

What type of operator is vigil?

Gameplay Description. A Light Armored Operator, Vigil comes equipped with his ERC-7 Video Disruptor, which will erase him from video feeds for a set amount of time. The ERC-7 works on a charge system; it has infinite uses but limited duration and charge.

What do you bring to a vigil?

Candles, drip protectors, wind screens, candlelight vigil kits, and other supplies are available at many church supply shops, craft stores, or online such as: http://www.churchsupplies.com/store/ vigil -candles.shtml.

What is the best vigil loadout?

Impact greandes is the more popular choice, since Vigil is a roamer. But pro teams do run the bulletproof camera with him, depending on their strategy. Unless you got a really coordinated team with a well-rounded strat, impacts are usually the better choice for a roamer like Vigil.

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Is vigil a roamer?

Vigil, as a roamer, has his main objective of wasting attackers’ time, and ERC-7 supports his ability to do so.

Does vigil counter lion?

Vigil Counters Lion (Hard Counter ): when the ERC-7 is active during the Lion’s EE-ONE-D, Vigil’s movement will not be detected.

Can vigil be detected by Lion?

Whenever Lion uses his ability, Vigil can hide behind his cloak to move around freely without being detected. This means no red dot for the opponent, and you’ll be able to get the jump on those rushing around.

Can Dokkaebi call vigil?

Mute’s Signal Disruptor can effectively counter Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb by making defenders immune to its effects. Vigil is not immune to the initial hacking of his phone, but he’s able to remove himself from any hacked camera feed with his ERC-7.

Can Jackal track vigil?

Yes, he does.

Does vigil hate Mozzie?

It has been revealed during the recent stadium event just how much Vigil dislikes Mozzie, pointed out in this meme posted by u/XenoDrobot. Whether it’s his jokes or just his light-hearted attitude towards everything, Vigil just really does not like being around Mozzie.

How is NOKK different from Vigil?

Unlike Vigil, Nokk’s cloaking device won’t fully deactivate when shooting, instead it will just glitch, revealing a rough outline on cameras that can’t be pinged by defenders. While her cloaking ability sounds powerful, it’s tricky to tell just how effective it is when playing as her.

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