Quick Answer: The Witcher 3 How To Play Gwent?


How do you win at Gwent?

How to build a decent Gwent deck

  1. Commit to Gwent lyfe.
  2. Buy every Gwent card you can.
  3. Play every game of Gwent until you win.
  4. Do the Gwent quests as soon as you can.
  5. Don’t despair if you can’t win the tutorial match first try.
  6. Don’t despair if you can’t win against the Nilfgaardian Nobleman.

Can you still play Gwent?

On Dec. 9, developer CD Projekt Red is shutting off support for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. CD Projekt Red said it will continue to support the PC and mobile versions of Gwent — the most popular platforms for the game, according to the developer.

Do I need to play Gwent in Witcher 3?

Without playing gwent you won’t be able to complete the quest with tournament in “Passiflora” – there is a high prize and additional sex scene. I didnt play it in my first playthrough but I did in the second one. You don’t have to win the tournament to complete the quest, afaik.

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What is the best deck in Gwent?

Best Decks in Gwent – May 2020 Meta

  • Hidden Cache Syndicate. Even with the latest round of nerfs, Hidden Cache Syndicate is still incredibly strong.
  • Uprising Northern Realms. Northern Realms is in a surprisingly good place thanks to a few key cards.
  • Masquerade Nilfgaard.
  • Harmony Scoia’tael.
  • Greatsword Skellige.

Why is Gwent so difficult?

the reason Gwent is hard is because you have to play 2-3 games with 10 cards. using spies, you cycle through your deck and get more cards and more win situations. you can also use medic cards to bring back spies in your graveyard to move them on the opponent’s field.

Is Gwent Dead 2020?

Between December 9 and June 9, players will be able to copy their progress from the console version of the game over to a new GOG account.

Is Gwent dead?

Is Gwent dead? No! There were a few issues going into 2021 with Gwent, and a recent cyberattack on CDPR didn’t make the developer’s lives easier. While that might have slowed the growth, Gwent still has more active players than ever.

Is Gwent a real card game?

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a free-to-play digital collectible card game developed and published by CD Projekt for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018, for iOS in 2019, for Android in 2020, and for macOS in 2021.

Is it too late to get into Gwent?

I heard you miss out on a lot of cards if you don’t play in the beginning of the story. Story wise I’m on ugly baby, and need to talk to the baron. Never is late to play gwent.

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What is the point of Gwent Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3’s card game, Gwent, is an expertly crafted mini-game about skill, strategy and determination. At its most basic, you and your AI opponent take turns laying down cards. To win, the total attack value of the cards you play must be higher than that of your opponent.

Can you skip Gwent Witcher 3?

To answer your question though, yes you can skip it completely although you ‘ll have collect em all as failed in your quest tab.

Where can I get the strongest Gwent cards?

Neutral Gwent Deck

Card Name Price Trader or Character, Location
Avallac’h 20 Gremita, at Gedyneith, Ard Skellig
Geralt of Rivia 50 Thaler, at the Seven Cats Inn
Yennefer of Vengerberg 50 Stjepan, The Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt
Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno 50 Scoia’Tael Trader and Camp, Novigrad Forest


What is the best faction in Gwent?

Nilfgaard: By the numbers, Nilfgaard is the strongest faction, with the Lockdown Leader being the strongest.

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