Readers ask: How To Play Agricola?


How much food do you start with Agricola?

Players choose a starting player who receives the Starting player marker and 2 Food. The other players each receive 3 Food. The Starting player marker is not automatically passed on to the next player at the end of a round: it passes to the player who chooses the ” Starting player” action.

How do you win Agricola?

Agricola Do’s

  1. Plan and build a primary food engine early on:
  2. Figure out a way to leverage your occupations and minor improvements so that they synergize:
  3. Be seduced by your occupations or minor improvements:
  4. Leave your fields and pastures until the very end of the game:
  5. Only focus on growing your family:

Is Agricola good with 2 players?

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small Is 2 – Player Fun for Fans of the Original. Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a compact version for two players that captures much of the feel of the original but in about half an hour. Fence pastures, build feeding troughs and buildings, and raise as many animals as you can!

Is Caverna better than Agricola?

Caverna is bigger, but has more paths to take for game play, while Agricola is smaller but more restrictive in game play. Each has its advantages, but if was to come down to ‘feel’, well Agricola feels a lot more stressful the whole time.

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Is Agricola a good game?

So aside from a rough first experience or two, Agricola is very enjoyable. It has a very brisk pacing, especially with 2 players. It also seems to be very well balanced for all numbers of players. Although they aren’t kidding around when they say the game is 30 minutes per player.

Can Agricola be played solo?

Agricola has solo rules, and I decided to give it a try. You can play a solo campaign, consisting of 8 games. In each game there is a target score and you must meet this target.

How many cards are in Agricola?

Each deck has a total of 180 cards: 48 cards are base cards, you find them in the base game (but only for A and B decks) 12 cards are 5/6 player specific, you’ll find them in the 5/6p expansion (A, B, C, and D) 120 cards are advanced, they are in the expansion decks.

What is a good Agricola score?

The average winning score for the heat was 42.28, while the overall average score was 31.52.

Can you move animals Agricola?

The new ios version of Agricola seems to rule that you cannot move the animals freely without first clearing their destination. You cannot simply swap a bunch of sheep with a bunch of cows between two different pastures, as I’ve always played it in the past.

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