Readers ask: How To Play Something In The Way?


What tune is something in the way?

It is the 12th song on their second album, Nevermind, released in September 1991. Something in the Way.

” Something in the Way “
Song by Nirvana
Length 3:52 (20:37 with “Endless, Nameless”)
Label DGC
Songwriter(s) Kurt Cobain


Who sings something in the way Batman?

Warner Bros. hosted a panel at DC Fandome Saturday night to give fans a look into The Batman, including its first trailer, and they picked the perfect song to soundtrack the clip: Nirvana ‘s “Something in the Way.”

What movie was something in the way in?

Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’ becomes best-selling song after featuring in ‘ Batman ‘ trailer.

What movies has something in the way been in?

This was used in the 2005 film Jarhead. >> On the Nevermind album, this is the last track before the hidden song called “Endless, Nameless,” which comes in 13:51 later.

What is the easiest Nirvana song to play on guitar?

Top easy songs by Nirvana to play on guitar

  • All Apologies. Nirvana. C;F;G. C.
  • Come As You Are. Nirvana. A;C;D;Em;G. C.
  • Molly’s Lips. Nirvana. C;G.
  • Something in the way. Nirvana. D;F#m.

Who was Nirvana guitarist?

Nirvana was an American rock band formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Founded by lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic, the band went through a succession of drummers before recruiting Dave Grohl in 1990.

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