Readers ask: How To Play Sony Blu Ray Without Remote?


Can I use my phone as a remote for my Sony Blu Ray player?

Now you can use Media Remote app on your Android device to control your Blu – ray Disc Player.

Can I use my phone as a remote for my Blu Ray player?

Now you can use Media Remote app on your Android device to control your Blu – ray Disc Player.

How can I play a movie without a remote?

If you can’t find your DVD player or Blu-ray player remote control, or it has stopped working, don’t despair. You can often still play media using buttons on the device itself. You can also use a universal remote or, with some models, a smart phone app to control the player.

How can I play my Blu Ray without a remote?

In short, there are three ways for you to play Blu – ray without remote. You can just control with the buttons on the Blu – ray player, download universal remote apps and last but not least, use VideoSolo Blu – ray Player. All these ways are working out the problem.

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Can I connect my iPhone to my Sony Blu-Ray player?

Apple® devices do not support Screen mirroring. Blu – ray Disc players released in 2013 or earlier do not support Screen mirroring. For all other models, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

Can I use my iPhone as a Sony Blu-Ray remote?

Sony’s 3D Blu – ray Players Can Be Controlled By iPhone Or iPod Touch_ Not only are they WiFi enabled (or ready), stream the latest in online media and can playback 3D Blu – rays, but can be controlled by using your iPod Touch or iPhone remote.

Can I use my phone as a remote for DVD player?

The short answer: Yes. You’ll need to download an app and purchase a few pieces of equipment, but using your phone as a universal remote is no longer a tech dream. TVs, DVD players, cable boxes and stereos use an infrared (IR) signal to know when to do things like change the channel or play the DVD.

How do I connect my Blu-Ray player to my phone?

Pairing the Blu – ray Disc Player for the First Time On the supplied remote control, press BLUETOOTH button. On the playback screen, select Bluetooth Device. Under the Bluetooth Settings, select Device List. Set the Bluetooth device in pairing mode.

Can I use my phone as a DVD remote?

AnyMote Universal Remote + Wi-Fi Smart Home Control (Best for most TVs) The AnyMote Universal Remote app is compatible with any smartphone that runs on Android. For instance, you can set-up your device to turn on your TV and DVD player at a single tap. It’s basically a “macro” key for your Android phone.

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How do I turn my phone into a universal remote?

Many Android phones come with an embedded infrared “blaster” that uses the same technology as old-school remotes. All you need to do is download a universal remote app like AnyMote Smart IR Remote, IR Universal Remote or Galaxy Universal Remote to use your phone to control any device that receives an IR signal.

How do you fast forward a Blu-ray without a remote?

, Techno Gramps!

  1. Just press next on the console.
  2. It’ll take you to the next chapter, or, next VOB on the DVD.
  3. Some consoles allow you to long press the next button, for fast forwarding.
  4. Some consoles don’t have a next button.

How can I play my Sony DVD without a remote?

How to press play on Sony Blu-ray without remote?

  1. Use the physical buttons on your Sony Blu-ray player. If you use an early model of Sony Blu-ray player, there are probably physical buttons on it.
  2. Get a universal remote.
  3. Use your television remote.
  4. Use a smartphone with an IR blaster.

How do I reset my Sony Blu Ray player without a remote?

How do I reset my Sony Blu Ray player without a remote? Press the Home button on the remote. Using the left or right arrow go to Setup. Then using the up or down arrow go to Resetting.

How can I press OK without a remote?

Both volume buttons can be used at the same time. You can find the menu button on the tv, Josh Paradise. While holding the menu button on the right side of the TV, I had to press both the volume buttons at the same time.

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