Readers ask: Overwatch How To Play Zarya?


Is Zarya difficult to play?

I would say Zarya is one of the more difficult heroes to master because of proper usage of her low duration/high cooldown shields in order to either save allies or keep yourself alive while keeping your charge levels up to do maximum damage, and her ultimate can make a huge difference in a teamfight or a push to win

Is Zarya easy?

Strategy. Zarya is a challenging Tank to play, though one of the most rewarding when played well. She gains Energy by absorbing damage with her barrier abilities, increasing her own damage substantially.

Is Zarya a boy or girl?

Zarya is one of the strongest women in the entire Overwatch universe, and certainly the strongest of the playable female characters. In a given Overwatch match, she fills the role of “tank,” a tough front-line unit who clears a path for more fragile teammates.

How do you beat Zarya?

So either begin freezing while shield is on cooldown or use a strategic wall. Given that Zarya can’t escape by any means other than running, slowing her down and blocking her off will make her an easy target to kill.

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Is Zarya good 2020?

Zarya is definitely not an easy hero to master, in the hands of one of our Overwatch boost squad members, she is a deadly Tier 1 weapon, however, in the hands of a less skilled player who may need some Overwatch coaching before he becomes a Zarya god, she may not be as good.

How does Zarya counter Genji?

Zarya one of the strongest tank heroes in overwatch and even better as a counter pick. That’s not to say she doesn’t have some Zarya Counters of her own. Zarya Counters.

Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Genji Pharah
Zenyatta Reaper
Torbjorn Bastion
Symmetra Mei


How old is Genji?

Real Name Genji Shimada (島田 源氏)
Aliases Sparrow
Age 35
Nationality Japanese


How old is Junkrat?

Age 25
Nationality Australian
Occupation Anarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger
Base Junkertown, Australia (formerly)


How old is DVA?

In Overwatch lore, D.Va is Hana Song, a 19-year old former professional gamer going by her gamertag ” D.Va “. D.Va was known for becoming the No. 1 ranked StarCraft II player in the world at age 16, and maintaining an undefeated record prior to her retirement from gaming in order to defend her homeland.

Is Soldier 76 a queer?

Soldier: 76 is the latest to have been confirmed as gay in a short story by Michael Chu, the lead writer for the online game. Tracer, who players meet alongside Soldier: 76 in the game’s tutorial, was confirmed as a gay character in 2016.

How old is Mei?

Real Name Mei -Ling Zhou (周美灵)
Age 31 (biological) approx. 40 (chronological)
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Climatologist, Adventurer,
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Is Zarya a villain?

User Info: SHAD0WC0BRA. Symmetra is the “a****** hero.” Not a villain.

Is Zarya a good main?

Zarya is great in sustained fights. She works very good in comps that can sustain and fight on the point for long periods of time like triple tank. The longer she is alive the more charge you can get and the more damage you can do. A high charge Zarya can snowball a fight alone.

What do the numbers mean on Zarya?

Increases Zarya’s weapon damage by the number percent. ( Example: 100 particle barrier energy increases her damage by 100%)

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