Readers ask: Swtor How To Play With Friends?


Can you play swtor story with friends?

No, you can do them together. In fact I just played through Makeb with a friend and they work just like normal planet quests – the instance “belongs” to the first PC to enter, but the other PCs can choose conversation options and get credit for the quest.

Can Sith and Jedi play together Swtor?

Sadly, they cannot. Unless by work together you mean kill each other. If that’s the case, then Jedi and Sith work together very well.

When can I play with friends Swtor?

For level 1-10 on the first planet you can only play with the class that shares that planet with you. Once you finish that planet you can meet up with your friends on the fleet and play from there together on the same planets.

How do you party up in swtor?

To invite a player into a group, just type “/invite” followed by the player name into your chat window and press the Enter key. You can also invite players by clicking on them in-game, then right-clicking on their portrait in your Quickbar and selecting the “Invite to Group” option.

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Is swtor fun with friends?

The Old Republic is a great game to play with a second person, especially if you start together at level 1. You can work directly together on many quests in the game, and help each other out on the ones that aren’t directly meant for groups.

Does Kotor have multiplayer?

Knights of the Old Republic is single player offline only. The Old Republic, a more recent game, is online multiplayer.

Who is in charge of the Sith Inquisitors?

When the Rule of Two was enacted by Darth Bane, the terms ” Inquisitor ” or “Sorcerer” came to refer more to individual specializations rather than an overall class system, as there were only two Sith Lords at any one time. A notable Sorcerer under the Rule of Two was Bane’s apprentice, Darth Zannah.

What is the best class in swtor?

Of all players who voted, 36% of them voted the Imperial Agent as their #1 favorite class in the game. It was followed by the Sith Warrior. The least-favorite class was the Trooper – not only was it the least played class, of all players that voted, only 13 people voted it as their favorite class story.

Can you play swtor with a controller?

Yes we ‘ve chosen to use a controller for a reason but belive me in this game a mouse is required. At least to activate nodes and interact with conversations and the interface in general. So keep your mouse near by. As you gain abilities you will quickly run out of buttons for them.

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How do you add friends in swtor?

To add a friend, right-click on another player’s portrait and select the option to friend them.

Can you play the old republic solo?

It’s an MMO that you can play completely solo. You have companions who join you and chat to you between missions, much like BioWare’s single- player RPGs.

Can you play Knights of the fallen empire with a friend?

yes, you can actually group up with 2 more friends and do the chapters with them. As long as you got a free slot for your companion.

Can different classes play together Swtor?

Yes, you can play together, you will each have your own personal story (Jedi Knight Class story and Smuggler Class story), but you can both play and engage in all exploration quests and planetary quests.

Are Swtor servers down? is UP and reachable by us. The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline.

What classes start together Swtor?

It’s also recommended to pick two different classes that start on the same planet. Those pairs include picking a smuggler and trooper, picking a Jedi consular and Jedi Knight, picking a sith warrior and sith Inquisitor, or picking an Imperial agent and bounty Hunter to play together.

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